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Hindsight Is 2020: What Will You Do Differently This Year?
Published on February 19, 2020
According to a recent survey, 76% of Americans reported having at least one financial regret. Over half of this group said it had to do with savings: 27% didn't start saving for retirement soon enough, 19% didn't contribute enough to an emergency fund, and 10% wish they had saved more for college.1
Tips for Targeting Your Retirement Savings Goal
Published on February 13, 2020
What if you're saving as much as you can, but still feel that your retirement savings goal is out of reach? As with many of life's toughest challenges, it may help to focus less on the big picture and more on the details.
Maximizing the Estate Planning Value of Life Insurance
Published on January 30, 2020
What is maximizing the estate planning value of life insurance? Simply put, maximizing the estate planning value of life insurance means getting the most bang for your buck. That is, it involves keeping as much of the proceeds as possible away from the IRS and in the hands of your beneficiaries. When you die, all your worldly goods (e.g., your money, house, car, stocks, bonds, as well as your life insurance proceeds) become a pie. The pie is then cut into slices and served. One slice goes to your heirs and beneficiaries, one slice to the federal government, one slice to your creditors, and so on. The size of the slice that goes to the federal government can be as big as 40 percent (the rate for the estates of persons who die in 2013 and later years), and what goes to the federal government does not go to your heirs and beneficiaries. You need to plan now to make sure that the slice that goes to the federal government is as small as possible, leaving a bigger slice for your loved ones.