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Interactive Asset Management


Monitor your portfolio utilizing an easy-to-use interface exclusive to SVA Financial Group clients.

It is important to us at SVA Financial Group to provide you with the ultimate client experience. That is why we are excited to present a new secure and interactive way to view your portfolio online. SVA Financial Group has partnered with Modestspark, an application that powers dynamic reporting to provide you with an easy way to understand information regarding your accounts. Portfolio value, account balances, position details, and quarterly statements are only some of the data instantly available to you on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.


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Interactive Asset Management Powered by Modestspark

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Why a new client portal?

  • Portfolio reports are now dynamic, not static documents. You can click on charts and graphs and view additional details.
  • The visuals are rich and interactive, capturing information at the consolidated portfolio level all the way down to your allocation and holdings detail.
  • The Document Center will be utilized for one-on-one client/advisor communication for documents, such as tax returns. It will also be used to post newsletters and general reminders.
  • It is a simple and secure interface. The information is kept safe using the highest level of security.