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526,000 seems like a big number, but it’s not the amount of money you earn in a year, it’s the amount of minutes you have in a year.

Now break that number down into how many minutes you spend sleeping, eating and working. Oh and don’t forget family and social commitments. In the minutes you have left at the end of the day – do you really want to spend them combing websites looking for the best investment deals and then risking your financial future on a stock you selected after an exhausting 12 hour day?

Below is a case study that reflects what SVA Financial Group was able to do for a doctor who finally decided to relinquish control of his finances. Take the 2-3 minutes (yes, your minutes) to see how many days in a year this physician no doubt saved while moving him closer to his financial goals in life. How would you spend that time?

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“When I bring an idea to my client, he examines it down to the smallest detail. And then he tells us to go ahead with the plan. We’re completely transparent in our approach towards wealth management, and he trusts us because he knows we act in his best interests at all times. Our team brings him peace of mind so that he can focus on things most important to him.”

Debbie Oswald

A high-earning physician finally made the decision to streamline his financials and minimize his tax burden. That first year, he saved more than $30,000 in taxes. Now he has a consolidated view of his investments, an ongoing savings and investment strategy, and understands how he can use the money for his family’s future.

One of SVA Financial Group's clients, a successful, high-earning physician, likes to understand every aspect of a medical issue before proposing a solution. For years, this tendency had led him to avoid putting together a comprehensive wealth management plan simply because he didn’t have the time to dive deeply into the process. Finally, after much prompting from his tax advisor, the physician decided to take the plunge and talk to SVA Financial Group's wealth management team.

In an initial analysis, the wealth management team identified several potential risks in the way the doctor’s assets were structured. Fortunately, they also saw a lot of potential.

First, team members reduced his exposure by moving excess cash out of accounts that were only insured for up to $250,000 and invested the excess to provide inflation protection. Then, they helped find and consolidate several of the physician’s retirement plan accounts. They advised the doctor to keep the high guaranteed rate plans and uncovered an opportunity for him to engage special “catch up” provisions on his contributions to two other plans. This strategy saved him more than $30,000 in taxes each year for the next three years.

Next, with SVA Financial Group now managing the physician’s finances, the team coordinated with his attorney to draft new estate documents—documents that hadn’t been updated since his children, now in their 20s, were infants.

The doctor also wanted to establish a charitable foundation, but instead, SVA Financial Group recommended putting a charitable gift fund in place, which is easier to administer and lower cost. The doctor agreed with the strategy. Now, in higher-earning years, he can allocate extra money into that fund, earn a tax deduction and later decide on the charity that will receive the funds. The doctor has chosen to fund his charitable giving for retirement during his high-income years, once again minimizing his taxable income.

Today, SVA Financial Group regularly meets with the physician to update his plans based on his goals and income. They make everything as easy as possible for him by handling calls with his attorneys, retirement plan administrators and other institutions to keep his assets on the right track.

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