Newly married? Going through a divorce?


If you have found yourself in the midst of a divorce, you aren’t alone. 45-50% of first marriages end in divorce and according to divorcestatistcs.org, the number rises to 66% if there are no children involved.

It’s not a happy statistic but it is one that the experienced professionals at SVA Financial Group have guided clients through many times over.

Through the emotional challenges of divorce, there is also the fear of the unknown and the many questions that follow with regards to finances. First we listen. Then discover. Then solve. And finally, we deliver a financial vision for the future that empowers you to move forward through this difficult time.

Take a few moments to watch the video and read the case study below to see if SVA Financial Group is the right fit to help you move to the next phase of your life.



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Wondering if SVA Financial Group is the right choice for you? Read the case study below.

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“Transition is always difficult. A divorce is an emotional time, and it makes it even harder when there are complex financial matters added to the mix. I’m so proud of my clients two or three years later when they’re totally empowered in their financial lives and are living the lives they want.”

Maureen Hansen - CLU®
President and Principal

A woman in her 50s came to SVA Financial Group as she was going through a divorce with her husband of 25 years. She was suddenly tasked with moving forward with her finances, her assets and her life. Two years later, she has the support, tools and skills to take it all on and is thriving.

Even with significant assets, many people in a divorce situation have significant fears. One woman who was finalizing her divorce had a two-million dollar estate, plus various insurance policies and her house. However, she was also at a low point in her life. She didn’t know if she had enough money to live on or for how long. She wondered about whether she would need to start working or if she should keep her house. And, since her husband had always handled their finances, she needed a resource to help her deal with tax issues and investing.

As she met with her SVA Financial Group advisor, her biggest question was, “Can I actually do this?” Through a series of in-depth meetings, her advisor showed her that yes, she could.

Her advisor walked her step-by-step through her financials and tackled issues ranging from daily budgeting to long-term investments. Together, they worked with other SVA Financial Group teams and outside professionals to update her insurance policies and estate documents. Her advisor even became the go-to contact for her ex-husband’s lawyer on financial issues.

Two years after she met with SVA Financial Group, the client’s life is very different. Although it was a big decision, she took her advisor’s advice and downsized out of her house. She knows how her money is allocated, how much she can spend and donate each year, and has regular updates with her advisor to talk about any life changes that might affect her situation.


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