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Financial Planning for Physicians


From residency to retirement, we’ve got physicians covered.

As a physician, you experience unique financial challenges. Your career choice often impacts your amount of student loan debt, wealth accumulation, asset protection and insurance needs, as well as investment choices. At SVA Financial Group, we have worked specifically with the physician community for over 20 years in maximizing your investment opportunities, including planning and protecting your future. We provide advice for every stage of a physician’s career, from residency to retirement, in all areas influencing your financial health.

Our professionals understand the distinct financial needs of physicians and have a collaborative process that helps you create a comprehensive financial plan throughout your career.

If you are a physician in any stage of your career, from residency to retirement, and are looking to get your financial life in order, contact us today to schedule a complimentary financial review.


Some key issues we often assist our physician clients with are:

Asset Protection

As a physician, you face significant liability risks. After working hard to earn your money, a key priority is to make sure your savings are not at risk. We can assist you with several strategies to protect you from potential creditors and litigants. We will create a customized solution to fit your needs ranging from complex trust creation to insurance umbrella liability policies.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning for a physician requires very different strategies than what is common for most other people. Planning for retirement begins directly out of residency for a physician, structuring the optimal balance between retirement savings and managing significant student loans. Efficient debt management is an important cornerstone to successfully build a sound retirement plan. As physicians approach retirement, they often have a large percentage of their investment assets in retirement accounts. This factor requires careful tax planning to maximize your wealth in retirement.

Physician's Financial Checklist Resource

Plan your future with our helpful checklist customized for physicians and their unique financial planning needs.

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Physician's Financial Planning eGuide

Has your health care employer merged with another? This eGuide contains the top 10 considerations to make regarding your retirement plan.

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Business Management and Succession

Physicians with a private practice need to begin thinking about an exit strategy or succession plan years before they plan to retire. In the medical industry, there are often rapid changes in insurance requirements and regulatory restrictions. Physicians must also juggle patient care, benefit plans for employees, business taxation issues, insurance planning and employee contracts. We can help you coordinate these efforts to find the most cost-effective and financially beneficial options to smoothly transition your practice.

Risk Management

The most important asset a physician has is their own earning power. There is a wide range of insurance needs that can include long-term disability and malpractice, among others. Life insurance is also a key element of a financial plan as it plays a large role in protecting a physician’s family. Although SVA Financial Group does not sell insurance products, we have created strategic alliances with experts in this field who can help navigate you through this potentially overwhelming process.


New Physician Financial Planning

As a physician getting started with your career, you have important decisions to make that will impact your financial future. Determining the best plan to pay down student debt, purchasing a new home or car, and what types of insurance you need to mitigate your risk are just a few of the things you will be considering. Minimizing taxes while building your retirement accounts should be another focus as you begin to increase your earnings. We can help you get started with your financial plan now to make sure you are building a solid financial foundation for your future.

Giving and Legacy Planning

After years of successfully practicing medicine, many of our physician clients are interested in finding additional ways to give back to the community. They have accumulated more than sufficient wealth to see them through the rest of their life and provide for their heirs. At SVA Financial Group, we can help you create a strategic giving plan that will help you contribute to a community, charity or cause you are passionate about, while also planning to ensure financial stability for your family.


As you start your career, your focus is on patient care, but it is also the time to establish a solid foundation for your future. This resource also includes student loan repayment options and how to manage them within a budget

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