Investing with Impact

Investing With Impact

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It’s no secret that when you invest, you want a financial return. But what if your investment dollars could have an impact as well…an impact that is consistent with your own core values?

As the number of mutual funds has grown over the years, so too have the choices for investors. Impact Investing (II) is something SVA Financial Group has included in their mutual fund models for 10+ years. It’s not until recently that this niche concept has become popular.

The goals of your portfolio can be achieved in parallel to the values you care most deeply about. Impact Investing (II) or Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has become the language of corporations, boards and investors as a mainstream concept. This fully formed investment discipline considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to produce competitive investment returns while also realizing positive societal impact.


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You can now invest in companies that support the values or causes you want to encourage. We actively work with leading fund managers in the SRI field to create portfolios that mirror each client’s values. SVA Financial Group uses Morningstar’s Sustainability Rating™ to update our II models and measure how well the holdings in a portfolio are managing ESG risks and opportunities relative to their peers. You can check your own investments using Morningstar’s new tool which evaluates most mutual funds’ global sustainability score.

It’s important to know your goals. One of the key questions for anyone interested in this type of investing is whether to invest broadly or concentrate on a specific issue or area. A narrow focus could leave you overly exposed to the risks of a single industry or company, while greater diversification could weaken the impact that you might like your money to have.

Consider the power of joining forces with like-minded investors who can collectively invest in funds that influence important choices felt around the globe.

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