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Financial planning for university professionals.

As a university professional, you experience unique financial challenges. At SVA Financial Group, our University Advisory Group has over 25 years of experience collaborating with academicians to identify your goals and implement strategies to turn those goals into reality.

We understand that university benefit plans pose both unique opportunities and obstacles. Many professionals have a significant percentage of their net worth in 401(a), 403(b), and 457 retirement plans. These accounts are taxable as ordinary income when used in retirement or when passed on to beneficiaries. As a result, significant retirement and estate planning is often required to minimize the impact of income taxes. Many benefit plans offer various early retirement incentives such as lump sum payouts, phased retirements, or accelerated pension benefits. We will help you gain a better understanding of your circumstances, so you can make confident and informed financial decisions. We strive to educate educators.

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The investment choices available under most university retirement plans may offer attractive advantages and guarantees at the price of limiting your accessibility to funds at retirement. There have been significant changes in investment options occurring at universities across the nation. We will guide you through the options and help create a comprehensive financial plan that is a living document, one that is updated regularly as your circumstances change.

If you are a university professional looking to review your finances, contact us today to schedule a complimentary financial review.

University Professor Checklist Resource

How well are you positioned to be in control of your financial future and meet your investment goals? Work through this comprehensive checklist designed for university professionals to ensure key areas of your financial situation are in order.


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