Virtual Business Discussion: Economic Indicators for Businesses

Date: September 17, 2020
Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM CST
  • Online

Event Details:

In the prior sessions, we discussed some strategies around adjusting businesses to meet the current environment.  But a key element of these business strategies, and important for building for the future, is what economic indicators a business owner may use to proactively adjust their strategies.  Join us as we discuss the economic impact with SVA Financial Group’s investment team. The panel will discuss what they see on the horizon for business owners as we move through 2020. Certainly the economic impact is ever changing and with the presidential election in November, there are economic unknowns. Using relevant data, the team will discuss economic indicators to help guide you in the coming months.


In this interactive virtual discussion, our panel will discuss:

  • Key economic indicators business owners should understand
  • Election impacts based on past election cycles
  • The view ahead on market recovery
  • What we know about market volatility

Presented by:
Tim O'Brien
SVA Financial Group                 
Rob Cummisford
Senior Portfolio Manager       
SVA Financial Group
Dan Glomski
SVA Certified Public Accountants
Nancy Mehlberg
SVA Certified Public Accountants